Foldable SmartPhones: Will They Change the World?

Samsung Galaxy Fold

A few years back, mobile phones had the ability to make and receive a phone call, send and receive text messages, and…..hmmm, that’s about it. And they WERE foldable!!! They were just called flip phones and they were the hottest rage back in the day.

Then along came a guy named Jobs who founded a company some of you might have heard of: Apple. The iPhone changed the way people used a phone (see my blog of the new iPhone here), and……the smartphone was born (this is unofficial history, but, it works).

Samsung Galaxy Fold Front Screen

Suddenly (if your definition of suddenly is a few years), the phone in your pocket was much more than a phone. In addition to making calls, and sending and receiving texts, you could now take a picture, do your grocery list, write documents, video chat (you’re welcome)… infinitum.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Unfolded

The computer you call a phone is indispensable, but, several years in, it is now, in 2019, ho-hum. Changes to smartphones, after that momentous iPhone, are incremental where the increments are small. More memory, nicer looking, better displays, bigger, fingerprint unlocking, etc. All really cool stuff, but, incremental.

The foldable phone in 2019 is once again an incremental change, but, one where the increment is just a bit larger…..and WAY COOLER (at least to me).

I want one, and I want to call it a flip phone (just kidding). I also want to see how case makers tackle the design of new cases, and how long the screens last.


I am sure more foldable phones will follow in the coming years mainly because these foldable smartphone things are sooooo damn cool!

And I want one.

Google….your next homework assignment is a foldable Pixel. 🙂

Geek on!


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