Last Update: July 23, 2022, 11:15 PM Pacific

Problem SOLVED!

Today (July 23, 2022) I “powerwashed” my Chromebook but still had the problem!

Note: I had previously made one of my old computers a Chromebook, and everything worked fine there.


I went thru the apps on the Chromebook and low and behold, there was a “WORDPRESS” app that I had download for testing purposes.

I uninstalled that app and…..



GEEK on!

I thought to look when the last time the WordPress app was updated: July 12, 2022….the very same day I noticed this issue! Interrrresting. 🙂

This blog is closed, but, you can see the video and pictures of the issue below if you really want to. 😉

Tuesday morning, July 12, 2022 I woke up to an issue connecting the Pixelbook Go to my WordPress blogs.

The problem is not critical but it is interesting in the fact that it only shows up on my Pixelbook Go. WordPress support sees everything working normally, and, once I uncovered my old HP Windows computer from the garage, it too worked perfectly.


The Problem

Really quickly, there is an “edit” button (see screenshot, bottom right) that shows up when the admin is looking at an existing blog post. Normally, I would click that to make some quick edits….but, with this issue, I can no longer do that.

Click the Edit button in the bottom right to edit a blog post

To show this issue on the Pixelbook Chromebook, I made a crude video showing:

  1. Me trying to edit a blog post on using the edit button as described above.
  2. The error screen and message that comes up.
  3. Accessing the edit function in the menu options.
  4. Editing the blog post normally.
  5. Then, finally, checking my edit.

Feel free to mute the video as the music I selected is REALLY irritating. 😉

Coming Soon

I will add a video here showing how editing a PAGE works just fine.

I noticed a difference in the menus to link a blog post.

The screenshot below shows both my Windows (left) and Pixelbook Go (right) right-clicking on the linked title of the same blog. Both machines are logged into WordPress.

The Pixelbook Go has an EXTRA active link to WordPress while the Windows machine does not. The link on the Windows computer works great, while the link on the Pixelbook Go ends up in a weird window that I can’t do shit with.

WTF? How do I get rid of the WordPress link in that window? How did it get there on July 12, 2022 (when everything worked fine before that day)? Only explanation I can think of is a screwed up update to WordPress. I will wait for future updates to see if this error corrects itself (my guess is it will be fixed over time).

As I suspected, the extra “WordPress” link is now gone (July 19, 2022). Have no idea what is happening, but, I still suspect the entire issue will be fixed over time and more updates. 🙂

Here is what it looks like in inognito mode (which works fine). No extra link to WordPress in incognito mode. WTF.

Then I’ll make a video showing another, even worse, problem with my newest test blog:

Check back in the next week or two if you are interested…..

Moving Forward

Syed, Happiness Engineer at WordPress, made some suggestions on what to try next, but…….

For now, I’m going to wait a month or so for the next update cycles on the Pixelbook Go and WordPress, to complete.

I’m thinking this issue might resolve itself……

Here is the version of Chrome on my Pixelbook (July 16, 2022)


I have no idea why this error occurred.

I suspect, now, that it might be a Chrome issue related only to the Pixelbook Go chomebook. If I had another Chromebook to test this with I’d learn a lot, but, I don’t.

Oh, yeah……I reset my Chromebook and Chrome browser to eliminate extensions and other stuff like cookies, etc etc. Nothing worked. Downloading other browsers is a no go on chromebook.

As of this writing, this issue is still a work in progress! But, since I have a work-around (via the menu)…..I can live with this until we figure out a resolution, or it resolves itself.

Question: Why do pages work but blog posts don’t? Hmmm….

Gotta love technology!

Geek on!

More geek stuff…..



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