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UPDATE Dec 2022: A History Lesson 🙂

I tried video chat (video conference) via Facebook about a year ago…it sucked.

Now…the good folks at PCMag.com tell me that the co-founder of RealNetworks, Rob Glaser, has developed a new Facebook video chat (video call) application called “SocialEyes”.

Very clever name.

But it remains to be seen how well it works….you know me…Mr. Skeptical.

I’ll give it a whirl sometime when I get the urge.  If you have already done so…leave a comment below.

According to PCMag.com SocialEyes can connect 5 to 7 people in a video chat (a good thing), and uses Adobe Flash 10.  Maybe not so good as I have had dropping issues with Flash-based video stuff.

Anyway…if it works well, this could be a great thing.  Facebook connects the world, if it can connect these people using video conferencing …WOW!

Playing with It a Bit

Just a few quick tries.  I can record a message and play it back using Chrome and Firefox (IE does not exist in my world).  BUT…I can’t figure out how to add friends to send the message to, and every time I click “Send” it wants me to record again.

It SHOULD be a whole lot easier to use than this.  I logged in with my Facebook account…it should grab all my friends and allow me to send a message easy as 3.14.

Some work still needs to be done.  I’ll keep playing with it…(I did not!)

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