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Last year I posted a couple of entries (here is my review) on Proclaim by Netbriefings.  Today, I decided to grab another Free Trial and give it a quick whirl for all the new readers to this blog.

After I signed up for Proclaim QuickTouch Lite, I noticed that my laptop was having an issue with my web cam, so I rebooted it.  When I came back on-line a few minutes later, I had a Proclaim message from Gary Anderson at Netbriefings.

Click this link to see Gary’s message.

I then played with Proclaim for a bit and came up with this message.

Click this link for my message.

Very cool.

There are far more capabilites for Proclaim than I show here.  One of the most intriguing, to me, is the ability to embed the video into a WordPress blog.  Unfortunately, for me, it does not work on this particular version of the WordPress blog….but….there are many of you who may be on a version that does work.  As a preview, here is a blog that shows what the WordPress blog embed looks like.

NOTE: I tried the above link with both Google Chrome and Firefox.  It did not work.  I then tried IE…that worked.  So if you click, you may want to use IE.  Since many folks use Firefox, and Chrome has been introduced by a slightly well known company, I assume these will be supported soon??


In these tough economic times, your company (or educational institution) may need to improve visual communication while helping to save money and the environment. Proclaim is a terrific tool that will help you meet these goals!

(NOTE:  I will continue testing Proclaim and post new entries as I learn more)


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