Using the Pixel Wireless Charging Stand (2nd gen)

Pixel 6 Pro in the Pixel Stand

I like the idea, and technology, of wireless charging.

I like the idea of having my Pixel 6 Pro being a clock at night.

Putting those requirements together with a Pixel Wireless Charging Stand (2nd generation) seems like a match made in heaven.

Is it?


With Qi wireless charging capability, the Pixel Stand is everything I hoped it would be: A nice easy place to plop my Pixel 6 Pro at night while having a clock (see pic) for those times when this old man wakes up at night to….well, you know. 😉

Pixel 6 Pro Clock 🙂

And, Lori’s iPhone works on it as well….even with her popsocket case.

On sale recently at Best Buy for $59.00 the stand has been well worth the money!

One thing I noticed last night.

If I turn my phone OFF, then place it in the stand, the fan inside the stand comes on and stays on. It is charging my phone in “fast” mode since it has no way of looking at the alarm settings when the phone is off.

Soooooo, I turned the phone back on, and the stand returned to slow charging, and the fan stayed mostly off, ready to be 100% when the alarm goes off.

Cool stuff!

GEEK on!

More GEEK stuff…..



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