I downloaded Android 13 Beta last night (May 11, 2022) on my Pixel 6 Pro and did some quick testing.

So far……

  1. Sudoku from Brainium failed completely (I emailed them), and
  2. Xfinity Stream got as far as clicking “Watch” then failed (I let them know as well).

Everything else I tested (not all the apps on the phone, but, a lot of them) worked fine including the all important Robo Defense and City Island 5. 🙂

So far today, all is looking good AND it appears as though fingerprint recognition is MUCH BETTER.

But, I will keep testing and let you know any updates below.



Brainium replied that they are aware of an issue with Android 13 Beta and will have a fix “soon”.

Xfinity Stream app changed the way they do things around the time I started testing Android 13 Beta…..it is fine now (at least so far).

When I turn off my phone screen I push the power button once and the phone goes dark. Except with Android 13 Beta! With 13, I pressed the power button and the screen came back to life instantly, then after 5 or 10 seconds it faded to black. Well……that was ANNOYING so I did a search for “power button” and found “Power Button Instantly Locks” then went into that and disabled the “Power Button Instantly Locks” “feature”. NOW……my phone turns off and stays off when I press the power button, and 5 seconds later, it locks. Yippee! 🙂

GEEK on!

More GEEK stuff…..



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