Tech for Teachers – Podcasting Classes

If you do not know what podcasting is, here is a very cool introduction:

The world is changing.

Streaming (podcasting included) technology has already proven itself at some Universities where students who may have missed class, or need to refresh their memory can watch a video stream of the class anytime. For example, see these classes available by streaming by Berkeley.

Now students at any level are “attending” class via podcasts (the download and playback of of audio, video, and or data information to a player such as the Zune or iPod). This interesting article discusses how teachers and students at a rural New Mexico High School are using Microsoft’s Zune player to provide instruction anywhere, anytime.

Another example of a podcast can be found here from the creators of the Harry Potter Mugglenet web site. It works on either iTunes, Odeo, or Zune. If you slect iTunes, like I did, you will need to get an Apple ITunes ID…see my previous blog entry here.

This is a very interesting application of new technology for teaching.

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