Using the Pixel 6 Pro

Pixel 6 Pro

Ordering Adventure

I spent the morning of October 19, 2021 at the Vet for Blaze and TRYING to order a Pixel 6 Pro, a case, and a 30 watt charger.

I experienced N-U-M-E-R-O-U-S problems with the Google web site (I suspect they under-estimated the interest)…..

Here is the error code I experienced:

Then, after an hour or so, everything crapped out……then came back…..sort of. I once again went to the order form to order my unlocked phone, and saw that the unlocked Pixel 6 Pro items were now Sold Out and were dropped from my cart:

Arrrgghh, crap….I guess I will have to wait for the Pixel 7. No biggie really since the Pixel 5 is great.

I told Kristen this horrible fact, and she told me that she thought Google’s web site was probably still glitching and that I should try again…

I waited a few minutes, and tried again, and son-of-a-gun Kristen was right (“Proud of my padawan, I am”) and….

I am now expecting the Pixel 6 Pro to arrive between October 30 and November 2, 2021 with shipment #1. Hopefully that will come with the case and a 30 W wall charger (since the chargers are no longer in the box with the phone).

We will see…..

Pixel 6 Pro Arrives!

After a number of false starts and lots of date changes by FedEx…..the Pixel 6 Pro, 30 watt charger, and case arrived October 30, 2021.

More later……but first….

My Motivation

At 1000110 years old…..I am still a GEEK!

Google, with the Pixel 6, updated a whole lot of technology, and being who I am, I NEEDED to get my hands on it and test it out! The Tensor system of chips, the new camera hardware, cool new AI software (like Magic Eraser)…..all made it irresistible to me!

So I asked Kristen if Joseph wanted to take over the payments on the Pixel 5, he said yes, and I’m suddenly in even numbers with the Pixel line of phones. 🙂

Setting Up and Using

By now, the phone companies have the tranfer of data from the old phone to the new down to a science (almost).

Soooo, setting up the Pixel 6 Pro took a whole lot less time than the Pixel 5, partially because I have a better system for keeping track of passwords, but, also because the set-up and transfer between phones proceeded perfectly.

Android 12 on the Pixel 6 Pro is a bit different than on the Pixel 5. To turn the phone off, you have to press the power button AND the up volume button at the same time. Arrrghh. The phone tells you that you can ask Google Assistant to turn off your phone, but, I try to talk to Assistant as little as possible.

The fingerprint access has moved from it’s PERFECT placement on the back of the phone to the screen……and it SUCKS! It takes multiple tries to get into the phone and sometimes I have to enter my password to get in. It’s frustrating.

UPDATE: Google did an “emergency” update on Nov 17, 2021 to “fix” the fingerprint access. It is MUCH better. Still not as good as the Pixel 5, however, but, getting better. 🙂

Here is where the fingerprint sensor is located:

It’s not a horrible placement, but, it still SUCKS. I suspect a future software update can mostly fix the problems.

I was looking forward to using “widgets” like Lori can do on her iPhone. At this time, I’m mostly underwhelmed. Hopefully, as the Pixel 6 matures, the widgets will too.

Here is a screenshot of my phone. I have two widgets for time and one for the calendar / weather on the front. I like how the digital time turns green when it is over the vegetation. Otherwise, the widgets are ho hum.

Taking Pictures

OK, here is the main reason I purchased the Pixel 6 Pro (other than the new Tensor SOC chip).

Taking pictures is certainly the most visible.

Here is the very first picture:


Magic Eraser

Then I tried the magic eraser feature, and damn… works (not perfect, but…..hey)! See the two pics below.

Not bad. At some point, I will venture out (after the booster?) and try some more interesting shots, and erase some people!

Long Exposure

OK, this one took some time for my feeble brain to comprehend, so I took the phone on a morning walk and practiced. The resulting long exposures look cool! After booster, I’ll set up near the freeway, at night, to see how it works with more than one car. 🙂

It took awhile to get the snapping of the picture timing down…..but, I think I got it.

Action Pan

Not quite as exciting as the long exposure, the action pan makes the background blurry while keeping the moving subject clear (or in my case….clear-ish).

Not bad….again I’ll try more AB (after booster).


I’ve liked nightsight since it was introduced, and wanted to give the Pixel 6 Pro a shot at it. Not disappointed!

The new, bigger, camera chips grab more light than previous versions, and it shows. I love the quality.

Zooming the Cameras

I stood at the end of the block on a really nice day and took 4 pictures of the palm trees at the far end. I cropped them to square, but, you get the point.

Here is the .7 zoom:

1 x zoom:

2 x zoom:

4 x optical zoom:

Love the quality….:-)


I’ve been using the Pixel 6 Pro for a bit over a week now and am VERY happy with it….except for the fingerprint access.

The cameras are AWESOME.

The phone plays Youtube videos as expected (smooth with nice quality audio), takes great video’s of it’s own with nice slow motion and plays the games I have on the phone perfectly.

I actually had to make a phone call and it worked great! 😉

The Tensor chip set promises great stuff to come in the world of artificial intelligence and it is powerful enough to keep up with anything I can throw at it.

Geek on!

More GEEK stuff…..


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