Telecommuting / Telework Bill Passed

Is This Fun?

This article in the Washington Post tells us that today, a bi-partisian (who’d a thunk that could happen?) proposed bill to allow more Federal Gov’t workers to work at home or at other locations (like COWORKING!) was passed and will now go to President Obama for his signature.   Since he has been pushing for this, I am hopeful this will become law.

Don’t be confused:  Telecommuting = Coworking = Telework.   I don’t care what the semantics lovers say….it’s all the same…you work from a remote location.  Period.

Here is a snippet from the Washington Post article (so you can stay here and increase my view count):

“The measure requires federal agencies to develop policies allowing employees to work remotely unless their positions are specifically excluded (that means you, doctors, police officers, lab technicians, park rangers, etc.).

Telework now must become part of an agency’s contingency plans for emergency or weather situations, such as the snowstorms or potential terrorist attacks. Each agency also must also designate a telework managing officer to oversee its teleworking program.

The Obama administration and employee organizations have pushed for greater teleworking opportunities for employees, citing concerns about the continuity of government and potential cost savings. Unions note that the government saved about $30 million from employees who worked from home during this year’s historic Washington-area snowstorms.

The General Services Administration estimates that if federal workers telecommuted at least one day per week, agencies could increase productivity by more than $2.3 billion annually. Agencies also could save money on electricity, office supplies and office space.”

Now..all we need is for California to get smart..but I won’t hold my breath out here in the car loving, commute loving, road building, Golden State.

One more snippet and piece of advice for the OFB’s who contributed to this paragraph:

“But some government managers remain skeptical of the program, citing an unwillingness to manage employees they literally can’t see at the office.”

My Advice:  TIME TO RETIRE OFB!  Make room for smart people who care about the FUTURE.


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