Rebooting the Sony A8G 65 Inch 4K OLED TV

Your new TV is now a computer. As such, there are times when things go bonkers, and you may need to reboot.

This past week, I experienced just such an occurrence.

The following diagram shows our current, 2021, TV configuration.

The Comcast box is connected to HDMI 1 and the (unused) Blu-Ray player is connected to HDMI 4. HDMI 2 is unused and our brand new Sony Soundbar (purchased because of the problem I will discuss below…ooops) is connected to the Sony A8G via the ARC (Audio Return Channel) HDMI 3 port.

The ARC port allows the TV to control the soundbar thus eliminating a remote.

Pretty cool technology.

Until it stops working!

Which it did the other day.

That day, I turned on the TV and instead of hearing sound….we got nothing. WTF.

Since this was with our old Sony soundbar, I suspected the bar might have bitten the dust after 6 long years of reliable use. I mean….the TV is only 1 year old…..that can’t be the problem. Right? Well, lets troubleshoot.

Unfortunately, I have very limited troubleshooting options available for this kind of problem, but, I decided to get as much info as possible before heading out to Best Buy to buy a new soundbar.

The first thing I did was find a fiber optic cable to connect the audio out from the TV to the fiber audio in of the soundbar. Still not working. Arrrggghhh.

I reset the TV’s sound features to factory default. Still not working. Double arrrrghhh….

I spent a good deal of time looking around the TV’s menu options, but, things were different and I could not find the sound bar configurations that were once there….Triple arrrghhh….

Patience gone…..

Off to Best Buy to purchase the HT-S350 Sony Soundbar.

Getting back home, I installed it in the ARC HDMI 3 port and lo-and-behold……NOTHING!



At least I know now it is the TV, so I looked in every menu option until I finally found the RESET option….I did that and EUREKA! The soundbar worked normally!

I needed to reboot the TV…..CTL-ALT-DELETE ! 🙂

Here is what you have to do to reboot a Sony A8G TV

Option 1: If you can’t see anything on the TV or can’t control it

Pull the power cord for about a minute (to let the capacitors discharge).

Plug the power cord back in and watch the Sony / Android startup.

Option 2: If you can see and control the TV

On the remote, find the HOME button:

When you press that button you will see this screen:

Using the remote scroll up and over to the gear just to the left of the time in the top right.

Press the gear shaped SETTINGS button and you will see this screen…….then scroll down to DEVICE PREFERENCES.

Click on DEVICE PREFERENCES and then scroll to the ABOUT line.

Click on ABOUT, then scroll down to RESTART:

Click RESTART to reboot the TV!

Wait until the TV comes back to life, and you have successfully rebooted the TV.


Gotta love computers that are now TV’s……

In the old days, the TV just worked. If it didn’t, you open up the back and replace a tube (it’s the one not lit or not hot)! 🙂

Geek On!

More GEEK stuff…..



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